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Ideally situated in the growing southern Thailand province of Krabi,
Koh Lanta is actually made of two islands; Koh Lanta Noi & Koh Lanta Yai.

Koh Lanta Noi is the smaller of the two islands and doesn’t have tourist facilities.
Visitors traveling by road from the main land pass through the smaller island
on the way to resorts on Koh Lanta Yai.

Historically Koh Lanta Yai played a major role as a safe-haven port
for traders from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Originally,
Sri Raya (known today as Lanta Old town) on the east coast, acted as
the port and commercial center for the island and provided safe
harbor for Arabic and Chinese trading vessels sailing between
the larger ports of Phuket, Penang and Singapore.

Today Old Town is a sleepy tiny village with 100 years-old shacks and
shop houses built on stilts over the water. Nowadays, Ban Saladaan on
the northern tip of the island is the business and commercial center
where most visitors arrive on the island.